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Unica is Cultivating Wellness for Hispanic Populations Across America Through Their CBD Infused Products

As a female CEO of a Hispanic-owned business, Única™ has been working hard to educate America’s Hispanic population with its CBD-infused products. Both the Hispanic population and the CBD market are immense. Approximately 19% of the US population is Hispanic, and the CBD market is slated to reach $10.7 billion by 2025. 

CBD brands tend to market in the direction of general health, but no prominent brands are marketing to the Hispanic population. So Maria Del Rio, CEO of Única™ with its brand portfolio, saw this as an opportunity to help her business partners capitalize on the increasing demand for CBD-infused and wellness-centric products among Hispanics and general market consumers.

Brands from Única™

The two brands today are Cascabel™ and Remedios Maria Juana™, which offer a salve, gummies, tinctures, and softgels. All products use broad-spectrum CBD. Única™ chose broad-spectrum CBD to provide high-quality products that work for consumers with the entourage effect of the CBD plant and the additional advantage that they have 0.0% THC. In addition, Única™ adds proven active ingredients found in nature that are powered by broad-spectrum CBD for a full, well-rounded wellness effect. One of the primary concerns of Única™ is to deliver the best possible products and an authentic brand experience to its consumers — because they understand that Hispanic heritage is rooted in the use of ingredients found in nature that are instilled at home and passed through generations. 

Remedios María Juana™

This CBD salve from Única™ is based on formulations handed down through generations with the addition of broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, combined with a powerful trio of menthol, camphor, and arnica. Remedios María Juana™ is a very soothing and healing salve that assists with an assortment of skin conditions and joint and muscle pain from everyday activities. The design shows a familiar face that could be an aunt or a grandma that inherits their thousand-year-old knowledge and makes it accessible today. The lines that emanate from the face resemble the sun’s radiance, an element of Mexican philosophy and tradition.  


The gummies, tinctures, and soft gelcaps from Cascabel™ were formulated with the utmost care and offer a no-nonsense solution to common ailments. They are 3rd party tested and follow good manufacturing practices. The Cascabel™ brand takes you to modern-day Hispanic traditions. From the bright colors of the package design to the gummies’ flavors like Tropical Twist and Blood Orange and the benefit of aiding with common ailments.

About Única™ and its Brands

Maria Del Rio joined Única™ to talk to fellow Hispanics about the amazing benefits of CBD. She has a deep passion for her heritage, the American Hispanic community, and their health and wellness habits. Once she realized no one was speaking to this community about what CBD could do, she picked up the slack to further shape the vision of Única™ and bring its brands to life.  

Upon joining Única™, Maria has primarily partnered with best-in-class companies for manufacturing, sourcing ingredients, design, marketing, and distribution. This way, her entrepreneurial efforts would also help lift other organizations targeting the growing Hispanic community. 

Maria and her team spend a lot of time perfecting formulations and packaging to appeal to her target audience. For example, Maria explained that the gummies are softer than other brands because Hispanics like soft gelatine gummies. She also designed the packaging with Spanish and English copy to purposely ensure she addresses the Spanish-speaking Hispanic community. 

Única™ is about promoting and lifting Hispanic culture, and they have plans for many more CBD products. Única™ promises to prioritize using ingredients of the highest quality and certifications, such as vegan, gluten-free, and no artificial ingredients, because they believe in doing things right and keeping it as close to what elements found in nature offer aligned with their Hispanic heritage.

If you are interested in learning more about the brands from Única™, its products, and the benefits of CBD, visit,, or today.